Brown & Associates Holdings, LLC.

commercial-real-estate-imgBrown & Associates Holdings, LLC. is a holdings company that focuses on residential and commercial real estate. Our management team has extensive experience in virtually every facet of real estate investments, and we leverage this experience to gain an advantage in a competitive sector. Our principals have over 100+ years of combined experience across virtually all areas of real estate—lending, investment, development and asset management. Our offerings are managed by professionals who have managed assets through all economic cycles. We also work with well-regarded industry professionals and strategic partners so we may focus on investors’ goals for portfolio diversification, capital appreciation, and income.

Over the past several years, our executives have been successful leaders in alternative investments, researching market data and trends to uncover opportunity. We believe portfolio growth requires asset allocation based on sound strategies, and we leverage our core competencies to attempt to strategically diversify our offerings based on asset type, distribution channel, and product structure.

When you partner with Brown & Associates Holdings, LLC, you’re working with professionals who have background and experience in:

residential-real-estate-imgAsset Management
Property tax management, risk management, accounting and financial reporting, treasury and cash management, income tax preparation, development, construction and engineering management services, as well as legal and compliance administration.

Domestic and international acquisition capabilities that extend from targeted single assets and portfolios to strategic operating public and private real estate companies and platforms containing wholly owned properties or joint venture interests.

Capital Markets
Single asset and corporate finance debt transactions through the entire capital stack, including senior, subordinated, bridge, and mezzanine debt and preferred equity; our professionals have worked with a variety of lenders and intermediaries, including commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, credit companies, pension funds, mortgage REITs, U.S. government agencies, and mortgage brokers.

Hold/sell analysis and market valuations, business plan reviews, strategic disposition timing and strategy.

Property Management
Financial reporting and budgeting, lease administration and management, start-up and transition services, tenant coordination and conflict resolution, and physical property assessments; management of properties onsite and supervision of third-party property managers in place at select assets.

Brown & Associates Holdings, LLC welcomes individuals to participate as equity partners or note holders.