Municipal Annexations

Annexation_imageMunicipalities are dynamic entities that either prosper or decline based on a variety of factors. Annexation is a tool to help replenish resources and strengthen the community for future growth. Brown & Associates, Inc. assists municipalities with the annexation process from the beginning to end by conducting an annexation feasibility study, providing expert testimony during trial, and preclearing the annexation with the Department of Justice. Brown & Associates, Inc. thorough annexation feasibility study provides leaders with information necessary to determine if and when to annex. An annexation feasibility study is a complete document which analyzes annexation study areas and financial feasibility and produces a detailed plan for municipal services and an in-depth cost/revenue analysis for the existing city and annexation area. The State of Mississippi requires annexations to be reasonable as determined by twelve indicia. Brown & Associates, Inc. assists the municipality in supplying proof to satisfy these indicia in Chancery Court. Annexations in Mississippi must be precleared by the United States Department of Justice according to Section 5 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Brown & Associates, Inc. can also assist the municipality with this preclearance submittal.