Zoning & Land Use Planning

zoningmapZoning and Land Use Regulations
Brown & Associates, Inc. advises clients on a wide variety of zoning, planning and land use matters, including the development and implementation of general and specific plans, general and specific plan amendments, zone changes, subdivisions, conditional use permits, variances, design review applications, and other planning entitlements. In addition to the regular review of zoning ordinances and service to our cities’ planning commissions and housing boards.

Development Agreements
Brown & Associates, Inc. advises clients in the area of development agreements. We assist with agreements involving projects as small as the preservation of historic facades to larger projects such as master-planned communities. For many of our cities, we negotiate on their behalf. Our involvement can be as limited as negotiating the agreement on our client’s behalf or as extensive as providing document review and practical advice to assist our clients in meeting their development objectives. We routinely advise clients on means to transfer development rights to avoid habitat or open space issues, and are working with many city clients on means to maximize their opportunities to eliminate brownfields.

Subdivision Map Act
Brown & Associates, Inc. are well versed in the requirements of the State of Mississippi.. We routinely advise our public clients to ensure there map filings and decisions conform to State requirements.

Sign Regulations
Brown & Associates, Inc. assists local municipalities with the implementation of sign regulations that will ensure for a well planned and aesthetically pleasing environment. We also stay abreast to the current laws that affect sign regulations. This enables us to provide our clients with the most current information concerning the regulation of signs in their communities.

Growth Control
Brown & Associates, Inc. is conversant in growth control tools and smart growth practices. Our expertise enables us to help cities accommodating growth in an environmentally sensitive and fiscally responsible manner. Understanding the competing interests involved in growth control decisions, we provide clients with practical advice that encompasses more than just the economic aspects of growth control issues. From regentrification to sprawl, Brown & Associates, Inc. can assist your community with various land use needs.